I just can't say enough good things about Laura, we absolutely love her. Laura stayed at our house and watched our dogs for us, one of which was very sick and at the end of life, requiring several medications.
It was a difficult decision to even leave him during this time, but we trust Laura completely and she took excellent care of him allowing us to leave and not worry about his care.
Laura was thoughtful enough to give us updates and send us photos of our dogs, capturing one of the last pictures we got of Max as he passed not long after. We actually enlarged that picture and it hangs on our wall.
Laura loves your pets as much as you do, and I was completely comfortable having her at our house. I cannot think of a person kinder and more trust worthy to have watch my pets.

Rick Lewis

Laura has helped us out with our dogs and cats and really made leaving for the weekend a lot easier to do. I was completely at ease knowing she would be caring for our furry loved ones. Laura has an absolute whole hearted adoration for animals and it shows through and through. We knew the animals would not just be cared for and fed but would genuinely be loved and have fun with her. She went out of her way to send us pictures of the daily walks and adventures the dogs were on, and we were overjoyed to see the level of love she gave them all, even the stubborn yet needy cats lol. Laura is without a doubt one of the greatest animal lovers I have ever met and having her come all the way out to our property to care for our dogs was something she communicated easily with us on her needs and times for scheduling. She is a clear and considerate communicator that makes doing any business with her that much easier !!

Hugs, Sara :)